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With a Bachelor’s degree in hand and a desire to make a difference, you can become a certified teacher with the help of the American Board. In November 2004, the Utah State Board of Education approved the American Board as a route to full teacher licensure. The Utah State Office of Education fully recognizes the American Board certification for all school districts and charter schools in the state.

Why Choose the American Board?

The American Board offers a flexible, affordable route to earning a Utah teaching certificate. You can complete our self-paced program online without quitting your job or taking additional college courses.

The American Board has issued more than 4,000 certifications. An American Board special education teacher was recently featured in the New York Times. Meet more career changers who chose the American Board such as math teacher Kelly Bow, special education teacher Leah Dow, biology teacher Nick Gastelcutto and English teacher Chuck Foster.

With the American Board, you can earn your Utah teacher certification in a manner that is both cost-effective and efficient, compared to other alternative routes in Utah that require a bachelor’s degree in the subject you wish to teach which could lead to thousands of dollars in tuition costs. On average, candidates take 8-10 months to complete the program. We provide a variety of resources to help prepare you for exams including online workshops, practice tests, and support from our advising team.

You will work with Utah’s Alternate Routes to Licensure Program (ARL) to obtain a letter of qualification allowing you to apply for a teaching job. Be sure to contact the Utah State Office of Education for initial guidance. You can complete Utah’s ARL Program before, after, or concurrently with your American Board certification.

Please note: You must receive approval from Utah’s ARL program prior to enrolling in the American Board’s program. The ARL program will authorize candidates seeking American Board certification to enroll in specific subject areas related to their degree.

To learn more or enroll, choose your certification area.

State Requirements

To use the ABCTE program to obtain a teaching certificate in Utah, you will need to:

1. Be accepted into the Utah Alternative Routes to Teacher Licensing (ARL) program. It is important that you complete Utah’s ARL application, have a qualified job teaching a Utah accredited school, and have an ARL Professional Growth Plan in place BEFORE beginning the ABCTE program.

2. Obtain a teaching position as a teacher of record in a Utah school.

3. Obtain a Utah ARL Professional Growth Plan in an area that Utah lists the ABCTE testing route as an option.

4. Complete ABCTE’s Certification program.

5. Complete one year or more of full-time teaching in a Utah school as an ARL participant

6. Complete one year or more of mentoring. Mentoring programs are offered at no cost through the school where a teacher is hired.

7. Complete all other Utah ARL requirements as outlined in a Professional Growth Plan.

8.  Candidates must receive a recommendation from their principal and Utah ARL Advisor for a Level 1 Utah Professional Educator License

*Candidates who earn this certification must successfully complete both the U.S. History and World History exams.

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Please note: while we do our best to stay current with state requirements, we are not responsible for any changes to state, district, and school regulations.

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