How to Get Teacher Certification in Florida

With a Bachelor’s degree in hand and a desire to make a difference, the American Board can help you become a teacher in Florida. In June 2004, the Florida State Board of Education approved the American Board as a route to full teacher licensure. The Florida State Department of Education fully recognizes the American Board certification for all school districts and charter schools in the state.

Why Choose American Board?

The American Board offers a flexible, affordable route to earn your Florida teaching certificate. You can complete our self-paced program online without quitting your job or taking additional college courses.

With the American Board, you can earn your Florida teacher certification in a manner that is both cost-effective and efficient, compared to the estimated 25-30 credit hours required of the other options in Florida. On average, candidates take 8-10 months to complete the program. We provide a variety of resources to help prepare you for exams including online workshops, practice tests, and support from our advising team.

The American Board has issued nearly 700 certifications in FloridaHillsborough County biology teacher Traci Brown holds the distinction of having received the 1000th ABCTE certification. There are other career-changers like Bridgette Blake, a former PR professional now teaching English or Errol Forsman, a military veteran who became the first teacher to serve as a director of the American Board.

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*If a candidate is currently teaching on a 3 year temporary permit received from FLDOE, the candidate must either complete the ABCTE program or the Florida General Knowledge exam within their first year of teaching on the permit.

**If you are seeking certification in Special Education, you will also be required to become certified in another subject.  We provide Elementary Education certification at no additional cost to fulfill this state requirement.

State Requirements

To use the ABCTE program to obtain a Florida teaching certificate and become a teacher in Florida, you will:

1. Complete the ABCTE program

    a. Certificate should be used within 3 years
    b. ABCTE certificate is used in step 1 below

Florida Department of Education Requirements for using the ABCTE certificate:
For additional information or clarification on steps below, visit the Florida Department of Education website.

1. Apply to Florida Dept. of Ed. Bureau of Educator Certification for Statement of Eligibility

2. Obtain a teaching position in a Florida school. The school district will process your fingerprints and request issuance of the 3-year nonrenewable Temporary Certificate.

3. Complete the school district’s approved Professional Educator Competency Demonstration Program (this program varies and is specific to your school district)

4. Apply for your renewable 5 year Florida Professional Certificate

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Please note: while we do our best to stay current with state requirements, we are not responsible for any changes to state, district, and school regulations.

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