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The Civic Benefit of STEM Education (12/13/14)

STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Math) education has been one of the focal points of school improvement efforts in the United States during the past 5 years. In response to the dearth of graduates in the STEM fields from colleges … Continue reading

An Effective Teacher for All Students: Equity in Teacher Assignments (11/29/14)

An 11/14/14 Education Week article by former Los Angeles Unified School District teacher Walt Gardner highlights some provocative issues surrounding equity in teacher assignments. In his article, Gardner frames his argument around a California Superior Court case Vergara v. California. … Continue reading

What Defines a Successful School? (11/18/14)

The era of accountability in education over the past 15 years has shone a bright light on student achievement in our nation’s schools. The performance of the student body as a whole as well as its many student subgroup populations … Continue reading

Retaining Effective Teachers (11/1/14)

It is no secret that retention of effective teachers is one of the keys in developing and/or maintaining an effective school. In the current age of accountability in education, this problem is exacerbated in remote rural and in urban areas … Continue reading

Answering Tough Questions about Education Reform (10/18/14)

At no time in its prior history has public schooling in the United States experienced such dramatic reform as it has in the past 15 years. Much of this reform has been fueled by the push for increased accountability in … Continue reading

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