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Answering Tough Questions about Education Reform (10/18/14)

At no time in its prior history has public schooling in the United States experienced such dramatic reform as it has in the past 15 years. Much of this reform has been fueled by the push for increased accountability in … Continue reading

Leading in the Age of Reform: The Necessity of Healthy Stakeholder Relationships (10/4/14)

During the past 15 years public education in the United States has undergone significant transformation. The transformation has been based on a shift toward increased accountability for schools and school districts. The result has been that educators have come under … Continue reading

ABCTE Approved to Provide Missouri Elementary Education Certification

Washington, DC – 8/12/14 – The Missouri legislature has authorized the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) to provide certification for educators in grades 1-6, effective August 28, 2014. The new authorization expands ABCTE’s service in the state … Continue reading

Job Embedded Professional Development for Teachers: Teacher Led Observation to Improve Practice (4/5/14)

It is a well-known fact of practice and research that the classroom teacher is the single most important factor in determining the quality of education that students receive in the individual classroom each year. More specifically, the quality of instruction … Continue reading

Examining Federal School Improvement Funding Policy (6/28/14)

Funding for school improvement is one of the most important education policy issues of our time. As property values have plummeted, and sales tax revenues have floundered, federal and state education budgets have experienced unprecedented cuts during the past 7 … Continue reading

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