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Don’t Eat the Young: Balancing Accountability and Obligate Job Responsibilities for New Teachers (4/25/15)

Teaching is not for the faint of heart; it’s tough. This is especially true if you are a PK -12 teacher in a public school system. The reason is that public schools generally have no control over what students they … Continue reading

Technology and the Evolution of the PK-12 Classroom (4/4/15)

Mass production and availability of computer technology since the year 1980 has forever changed the fabric of society throughout the world. As computer technology has become more and more pervasive, the cost of owning a personal computer has become more … Continue reading

We Couldn’t Do It Without You: Principal Support is a Key in Establishing Effective Building Level Instructional Coaching (3/21/15)

As PK-12 education has evolved in the United States during the past 20 years, there has been an emphasis on creating career ladders for classroom educators. This is in response to two needs. First, as adult learners, expert or master … Continue reading

ABCTE Experiences: Fulfilling Her Desire To Teach

Earlier this month, we got an opportunity to learn about 4th grade English/ Language Arts and Social Studies teacher Jalana Robinson. She completed the ABCTE program in 7 months and is now teaching at Genesis Promise Academy, in Kansas City, … Continue reading

Staying Fresh: Keeping your Heart in the Profession While Maintaining Effective Practice (2/28/15)

A 2/11/15 Education Week article titled 5 Questions Educators Must Ask Themselves Daily, speaks to the heart of the challenge that many experienced teachers in classrooms across the United States face during their careers. How do you keep the passion … Continue reading

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