Rules and Regulations for ABCTE Forums and Q&A Sessions

ABCTE provides online discussion areas as a service to our website visitors, interested candidates, enrolled teaching candidates, alumni and other parties. The purpose of these forums and sessions is to provide information and support while also fostering communication and community for those affiliated with ABCTE, as well as a larger network of education professionals and stakeholders.

We look forward to your participation in the discussions, however, please carefully consider the following rules and regulations. Please read them in full before posting as, by participating in these discussions, you agree to be bound by the rules and regulations. If you do not agree with these terms, you should not participate in any of the online communication tools (such as the forums and Q&A sessions) on and its affiliated websites.

Failure to abide by any of the following rules and regulations may result in the deletion of your comment(s). For major and/or repeated offenses, you may be prohibited from posting to the discussions on and/or its affiliated websites. The response to any infraction will be at ABCTE’s discretion. If you have any questions regarding these rules and regulations, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Be respectful. Respect the community. Any use of profanity, inappropriate or vulgar language, personal attacks, fabrication or falsification, or unnecessarily inflammatory statements will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Your comments represent you, so express yourself professionally and accurately.
  2. Maintain your own privacy and the privacy of others. Do not share any information about yourself or others that may jeopardize your (or their) security or privacy. The Internet is a highly public medium and you should be careful to guard your personal information. You should respect the privacy of others as strongly as you respect your own.
  3. Respect the confidentiality of ABCTE’s proprietary information. Under no circumstances should you share, discuss or comment on any potentially confidential information about the certification examinations, including but not limited to: exam questions, the domain order of the exams, the contents of the exams, or any exam “tips” or suggestions that may reveal restricted information. Our exam information is highly secure in order to ensure the exams’ effectiveness and maintain the integrity of the ABCTE certification program. Any breach regarding ABCTE’s proprietary information will be taken extremely seriously.
  4. No advertising, solicitation or violation of copyright. Any use of the forums for these purposes will not be tolerated. However, job postings are acceptable and encouraged in the relevant discussions.
  5. Absolutely no discussion of illegal activities will be permitted.
  6. Your username is your display name. Your username will be your display name for all of the forum threads and comments that you post while you are logged into our system, unless you have changed your display name from your account page. Your threads and comments may show up anonymously if you are not logged in.
  7. Minimize duplicate posting. Please try to classify your post in the most relevant area and avoid posting the same or similar posts in multiple forums. When commenting, try to keep your posts on topic and relevant.
  8. Link responsibly. You may include links with your posts and comments but all outside links must also adhere to the rules and regulations that are stated here.
  9. ABCTE reserves the right to any and all user-submitted content that is posted to and our affiliate websites. We may move or delete content or remove inappropriate content from posts as we see fit. We reserve the right to retire old, inactive posts and/or posts that contain outdated information. If you see any comments that you feel should be removed please contact us!
  10. Use your judgment. While ABCTE does monitor its forums and Q&A sessions, ABCTE will not and does not verify the accuracy of everything expressed in the discussions, so please use this information at your own discretion.
  11. Skim and search before posting a new forum thread. The answer to your question has probably already been posted. If it is not there, enter your thread and check back often. Forums are updated at all times of the day and your response may be answered within minutes.

Overall, we expect the online discussion areas to be helpful, supportive and educational community areas and we highly encourage your participation and cooperation toward creating such an environment.