American Board Alumnus Jeff Brown Shares His Story

After teaching abroad for ten years, I returned to the United States to become a certified science teacher. The schools I tried to work with treated me like a fresh-out-of-school graduate who knew nothing of teaching.

I began studying with MSU, and I felt like I was helping teach the class. the other students couldn't keep up with the course work and often had no idea how concepts would play out in the classroom. While looking for a job, my studies at MSU not only didn't help secure me a position, but the administrators of the program actually thwarted my efforts to gain employment by refusing me documents I requested concerning my studies as well as delaying key information requests.

That was when I learned of the American Board.

My current employer told me how the program worked, and we both saw that it was perfect for someone like me who has an extensive background in science and numerous years teaching experience. I was able to sign up review all the material and standards and pass the tests in about two months!

The cost of the program was the equivalent of just two classes at a university too. I am so pleased to have these major hoops behind me. It was stressful thinking about what I might be in store for with the content and teaching knowledge tests, but the practice materials showed me what standards I needed to review more, and I was able to pass, nearly getting highly qualified status on both tests.

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Utah Teacher's Journey From Paraprofessional to Certification

Rebecca Coleman

I worked as a special education paraprofessional for one and a half years in my current Utah school district. I had graduated in art and found that I wasn't going very far in my chosen field. I was struggling financially and my boss had encouraged me several times to try to obtain a teacher certification. I didn't think it was possible until I found ABCTE.

I happened upon it in my search for a place to attend school. It was inexpensive and independent. I immediately began looking for jobs. Working in the school district helped, and I informed some district personnel that I was looking for employment. A week later I was told there was someone who would want to interview me. I got a call the following day saying they wanted to hire me as a teacher!

I worked for a full year teaching K-6 special education. It was difficult but so incredibly worth it! I took my elementary education content exam first and passed on the first try after studying everything on the standards and reading a lot of history channel articles (that's what I worried about the most, the history.) I passed my exam July 2011 and took my PTK (Professional Teaching Knowledge) exam in September 2011, again passing on the first attempt. I went through the online Prepare to Teach workshops several times, writing down all of my notes very carefully, and Googled any unfamiliar terminology. I passed my special education exam October 2011 on the first attempt as well.

I honestly believe I wouldn't have done as well if I hadn't already been working in the field for so long and if I hadn't been studying so much in any spare moment. I have loved the flexibility of the program and how quickly I was able to complete it. I am thrilled to be teaching a second year and am so excited to continue on for many years to come!

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Celebrate Memorial Day by Enrolling to Become a Teacher

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With ABCTE’s Plus+ program, you receive everything featured in our standard program, plus additional study resources to help further prepare you for your PTK exams.

Additional ABCTE Plus+ resources include:

PTK Workbook
Did you know you need to learn one hundred different standards in order to pass the ABCTE Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam? We’ve designed a one page workbook to help maximize studying for the PTK exam. It provides a concrete way to navigate and learn the exams standards.

PTK Supplementary Quiz Bank I
An optional add-on resource for ABCTE candidates, the quiz bank targets the topics in the standards that people have missed the most on the actual exam. This tool is designed so that candidates can avoid these test pitfalls and succeed the first time.

PTK Supplementary Quiz Bank II
A perfect compliment to Quiz Bank I, this study resource ensures that candidates will focus on not only the areas most missed on the exam but on all the remaining topics that must be mastered in order to pass the PTK as well.

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