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The Orientation and the Studying and Test Readiness webinars are not only a great way to understand the American Board program, they are also your American Board essentials.

Watch the webinars below at any time. If you have questions or want to discuss what you have learned, the Studying and Test Readiness forum is an online discussion area where you can ask questions about these webinars.

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Orientation (21 min)

Orientation Webinar

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“The Orientation gave me a good introduction to what I can expect out of this program and what is expected out of me.”

The Orientation details the steps for achieving American Board certification and addresses many of the questions new candidates have. It will also introduce resources that will help you be successful in our program.

There will be links in the presentation, but you may want to view it in its entirety before exploring other pages.

How to Study (30 min)

How to Study

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“The strategies assist in developing a plan for studying and break the tests into manageable components.”

After the How to Study presentation, you will know how to get started with the standards and study plans and have a strategy for meeting your certification timeline.

You will need the following documents:

Multiple Choice (40 min) NEW!

Multiple Choice Webinar

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The Multiple Choice webinar will prepare you to tackle the questions on the exams. There are also tips to incorporate into studying so that you are ready to perform your best on exam day.

You will need the following documents:

PTK Writing (40 – 100 min) NEW!

PTK Writing Component Webinar

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The PTK Writing Component provides a plan and proven strategies from experts and successful alumni. It also addresses frequently asked questions.

You will need the following documents:

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