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Exam Preparation

American Board certification requires that you pass computer-based exams in your subject area and professional teaching knowledge. These exams are rigorous so we encourage you to allow adequate time to study.

How to Prepare

Program Resources

We offer many tools designed specifically for the American Board program. Use these to learn more about the program. We also have exam specific resources such as practice tests and online refresher courses.

  • American Board webinars, including an online orientation and Studying and Test Readiness webinars filled with important program information and study strategies
  • Study Plans based on the best practices of our successful candidates
  • Forums for information, support and collaborating with the American Board community
  • The Program Checklist which is a step by step guide through the requirements of the program
  • Exam day tips and strategies for preparing for the testing environment
  • Candidate handbook with all the American Board’s rule and regulations

Exam Resources

Enrollment in the American Board program includes access to subject matter refresher courses, practice exams and the Prepare to Teach workshops.

Your study plan may also suggest writing and composition tools, and materials from our comprehensive database of recommended books, websites and other media.

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