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American Board Teacher Certification Courses


The American Board offers certification in 10 different subjects. Click a subject below for more information on the requirements to certify in that subject. Please note, not all subjects are available in every state.

Elementary Education
English Language Arts (ELA)
General Science
Reading Endorsement
Special Education


In 4 of our offered subjects (Biology, English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Special Education), we offer two variations of the program, Plus and Premium.

The Plus program provides students with the information they need to learn and pass the subject area exam and the Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam.

The Premium program provides students with everything included with the Plus program, along with additional study materials and practice tests. The Premium program also includes a job counseling webinar and workbook to assist our students with job hunting.

Chemistry, General Science, Elementary Education, History, and Physics certifications are only available in Plus.

Plus and Premium students take the same exams and receive the same certification upon passing.


The American Board is a self-paced program that enables you to become certified to teach for less than $3,100 in most cases. In fact, one of the most common reasons why students choose our program over going back to school for their Master’s degree is the reduced cost and flexibility the program offers.

We often run weekly promotional pricing on our program that can reduce the cost of the Plus program to as low as $1850, depending on the week. Promotional pricing is for a one-time payment (due upon enrollment) and cannot be applied to installment payment plans. Click a subject area above or visit our home page to see this week’s promotional pricing.

Promotional pricing is not available for third-party vendors.

If you are unable to pay for the program at one time, you will be able to pay via installment plan for the full-cost of the program.

The full-cost of the program is $2,850 for a Plus certification and $3,050 for a Premium certification. See below for payment information.


Students can pay for the American Board in the following ways:

1. One-time payment. The American Board often offers promotional pricing on one-time payments. One-time payments can vary from $1850-$2400, depending on the program you choose and the current promotion. Current one-time payment prices can be found on each subject area page (see list of subjects above).

2. If you are unable to make a one-time payment, we offer installment payment plans. These plans divide the full-cost of the program (promotional pricing not available for installment plans) over 8 monthly payments.

Click here for more information on installment payment plans.

3. We offer financial aid to those students that qualify under the USDA’s reduced school lunch income eligibility guidelines. This significantly reduces the cost of the program. Students can then pay for the program in one payment or with an installment plan.

Click here for more information on financial aid.


The American Board is WIOA funding approved in the State of Idaho with reciprocal agreement with the State of Missouri.  For more information regarding WIOA funding, please contact your nearest Idaho Department of Labor office.

The American Board is also WIOA funding approved in the state of Oklahoma. Learn how you can get your certification funded at Oklahoma Job Match.


Learn more by clicking the subject area of your choice from the list above.

Read our How It Works guide for a more detailed look at the program.



Call 1-877-669-2228 to speak with a representative of the American Board. Or send us an email at info@americanboard.org.

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